Power Outage

PRECISE ELECTRICAL WA have several teams of friendly, qualified electricians, each with a fully equipped van ready to come to your rescue! It’s important to leave an unknown outage to the experts, we have the experience to trace the problem efficiently and are available 24/7 to help get you back on track ASAP.

So, when it hits the fan and you are left with no power, we are here to help!

24/7 Service

Its never a convenient time when something goes wrong! And its a great inconvenience when it does! Our locally based, family owned business provides efficient and reliable electrical work to the highest quality & safety standard – any time of the day or night with our 24hour Emergency Breakdown Service.

We are happy to offer technical advice to all our clients, and guarantee our 5 star service giving you 100% customer satisfaction.


PRECISE ELECTRICAL WA are a leading company in the supply and installation of LED lighting. We can supply just the product or replace virtually every light in your home or office with an LED. Energy saving LED downlights are designed to fit into the same cavity created by your old downlights, so the replacement of old for new is kept to a minimum. They use up to 80% less energy than traditional halogen downlights. AND, they have a much longer lifespan too!

For car parks PRECISE ELECTRICAL WA can also supply the latest in mag induction lighting which can also save you up to 75% on your electrical bills.

If you are looking to reduce your energy bill, we can also conduct an energy audit on your existing lighting, and give you solid options on achieving this goal.

Smoke Alarm and RCD Annual Checks

PRECISE ELECTRICAL WA thoroughly test the electrical operation of the RCDs and smoke alarms to Australian Standards to ensure they comply with legislation. We DO NOT just press the test button!

We provide an Electrical Safety Certificate as proof of electrical testing, and we can enter you onto our database of electrical services provided to customers so that next year PRECISE ELECTRICAL WA remind you that your electrical testing is due. This is an excellent way for Property Managers and private landlords to keep on top of their electrical safety obligations.

Routine Electrical Maintenance

PRECISE ELECTRICAL WA can set up a database specifically suited to your electrical needs so that all of your mandatory electrical testing is carried out on time every time. This can include RCD timed trip tests, timed emergency / exit lighting tests, as well as electrical testing and tagging of portable electrical equipment. We then contact you when your electrical maintenance is due. We can also maintain electrical equipment to your requirements, for example one of our clients requested we strip and clean a special ventilation fan every 6 months. Now they don’t need to keep track of this as they are reminded by PRECISE ELECTRICAL WA every 6 months that this electrical testing is due.

Selling or buying a home?

PRECISE ELECTRICAL WA can carry out an electrical safety inspection on your home prior to sale to ensure you comply with the latest in RCD and smoke alarm regulations. PRECISE ELECTRICAL WA provide their clients with an Electrical Safety Certificate. We can also carry out full electrical inspections if you are purchasing a property and would like peace of mind.