A HUGE shout out to Precise Electrical WA

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A customer had an oven installed a week before Christmas, they are thrilled

Some fantastic feedback was received into our office this week……….it is too exciting not to share with you. ¬†We LOVE feedback, Thank you Naomi, Ellenbrook

On Monday night the element in our oven died for the second time in 8.5 years. The oven also had some other issues so we decided to buy a new oven.
I rang Precise Electrical and spoke to Vicki to see if they could fit a new oven before Christmas. Absolutely was her response.

I then spoke to Jarryd who gave me a verbal quote and advice on how to select my new oven without the need for a cabinet maker before Christmas.

Whilst buying a new oven, Jarryd emailed the quote. I rang Vicki and booked in the job the next day.

Alastair arrived on time, he was very polite, he wore cover shoes to enter my home and didn’t leave a mess. Alastair showed us how to turn the oven on and how to burn the new smell out before cooking in it. He has done a great job.

I am so relieved to have the oven working before Christmas. Our family tradition on Christmas Eve of baking and decorating gingerbread can continue and our roast on Christmas Day can go ahead too.

Thank you Precise Electrical