RCD’s – Facts and Information

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RCD’s save lives! Here at Precise Electrical, we believe that safety is the most important thing. We make it our number one priority to ensure our customers and our electricians work and live in a safe environment.

Here are a couple of RCD facts and regulations that, if followed we believe are one of the most important ways to stay safe. If an RCD is not set up correctly or not compliant it may not be safe!


Home owners

  • A minimum of 2 RCD’s, which are protecting both power and lighting circuits MUST be fitted to a property.
  • If a property is found to have been sold or leased without compliance, penalties can apply.
  • The only time a property can be sold without being compliant is if the property is planned to be demolished within 6 months of post-sale.

What do I do if I have bought/sold a house which is not compliant?

  • Contact the previous owner, asking them to fit the RCD’s to comply with the law.
  • If the previous owner does not comply, contact Energy Safety.

Real estate agents

  • A real estate agent should inform potential customers that RCD’s must be installed prior to the house ownership being transferred.


Settlement agents

  • The settlement agent should provide all clients with a RCD fact sheet


  • Landlords are responsible for ensuring the property is electrically compliant before leasing any property.


  • It is recommended to ensure the property is electrically compliant before buying or renting a property.
  • It is recommended the tenant get the RCD’s checked at least every 3 months.
  • If the RCD’s are not compliant it is important to inform the Landlord.
  • If the Landlord does not agree to fix the compliance, contact Energy Safety.



Precise Electrical can install/check RCD’s for compliance.