Cheap electrician friend – save you money?

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Think again, it may cost you your life.

We investigated some flickering lights installed by another electrician. What we found was very disturbing.The RCD/MCB had crossed terminals, this is not only illegal but very dangerous. The electrician doing this work had definitely not tested his/her work to ensure the home owner safety.

  • If a fault developed on the circuit the RCD (that saves your life) wouldn’t function correctly and wouldn’t trip.
  • If the circuit was worked on, the electrician could possibly receive an electric shock if they didn’t test properly
  • Nuisance LED flickering would be seen in the home

Pay for a cheap electrician – get cheap work.

At Precise Electrical we have procedures in place to prevent this shoddy workmanship. Part of our systems ensure we fully test our work before leaving site.

Don’t risk your life, use an Electrical Contractor who is going to look after your safety.