What is the difference between an Electrician and an Electrical Contractor?

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An Electrician is an individual qualified tradesperson who has served and passed an electrical apprenticeship.

An Electrical Contractor is an electrician who has further trained and holds qualifications and insurances. An Electrical Contractor is licenced to employ electricians. Simplified, an electrician works for an Electrical Contractor.

Electricians generally are not allowed to perform work for the public unless under the employment of an Electrical Contractor. Only the Electrical Contractor holds the required insurances to protect the home owner/business owner from insurance liabilities. Work conducted by an electrician employed by an Electrical Contractor is monitored to ensure safely compliance, work performed just by an electrician is not and can be of second rate quality.

What do I ask to ensure I am using an Electrical contractor and not just an electrician?

All electricians hold an Electrical Worker Licence. This licence number begins with the letters EW
An Electrical Contractor will have an EW licence and additionally an Electrical Contractor Licence beginning with the letters EC. All vehicles, invoices, stationary, business cards, magnets, face book page, web page etc. should contain the EC number.

Don’t put you, your family, your home or business at risk

– Do your homework first

Ask your electrician for his EC number. If this cannot be provided or only an EW is available then take the safe option and don’t have the work done.
• An electrician only holding an EW licence is not insured and neither will you be by your insurance if a problem develops from the work.
• An electrician not working under an Electrical Contractor is not regulated and may not be working to the current regulations put in place for your safety.
• In the event of the work being substandard you may experience difficulty obtaining the necessary rectification work. The only course of action is reporting to a regulatory body who may prosecute the electrician and the home owner if deemed as knowingly used a non-licenced electrician. The rectification work will still not be completed, and the home owner will still be out of pocket.

Click the link to check your Electrical Contractor is licenced click the link:  Is your Electrical Contractor licenced