Free Easter Safety Gift for all of April 2017

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Precise Electrical are passionate about safety and actively look for ways to ensure the safety of you and your family.

smoke alarm 1  Smoke alarms are essential to wake you up in the case of a fire. 

Did you know?

  • They should be hardwired
  • They should be installed in the vicinity of all bedrooms, often more than one smoke alarm is required
  • They should not be installed in dead spaces
  • They should not be more than 10 years old
  • They should have the battery changed annually
  • They should have a decibel reading of greater than 85db to ensure it wakes you up
  • They should be regularly tested to ensure they work correctly when needed


 canstockphoto13229070 (1) RCD’s or otherwise known as “residual current devices” are safety switches installed in your switchboard and are designed to trip if a fault develops with any of your electrical equipment or wiring before someone is hurt or killed. 

 Did you know?


During our daily work, we see lots of examples of smoke alarms incorrectly installed and circuits not protected by RCD’s and this worries us.

Precise Electrical are giving a generous gift of a free Company Comprehensive RCD and Smoke Alarm test for orders over $500.00,

-saving you $129+GST save money 4

This test of your smoke alarms and RCD’s ensures they are compliant with current regulations and will be fully operational when needed.

So we can help as many people as possible, this opportunity will run for the whole month of April.


Just mention “RCD/Smoke alarm offer” when booking your workapril 2

*This offer is available for domestic residence only