Has your Air con been serviced recently?

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No?      Precise Electrical strongly recommend you have this done


Your Air con plays a valuable role in providing comfort in your home for you and your family, particularly in the hot summer months here in Perth.  Use and weather can degrade your air conditioner, however with regular maintenance you can prevent inconvenient breakdown and prolong the lifetime of the unit.  Maintenance will ensure the unit is running at its optimum efficiency saving you money.  A clean serviced system ensures fungi, bacteria and mould are not recirculated into your home.

Before servicing
Before_Service_1          proper-care-fujitsu-4-of-6     DirtyCondenser-2

The pictures above show how grimy and dirty the units can be when they have not been serviced.

This dirt, dust and unhygienic water is being recirculated into your home for your family to breathe. This can pose health risk of legionnaire’s disease.  An Air con that has not been serviced costs more to run, the system does not work correctly and uses more power to cool your home.

Your evaporative Air con should be ideally serviced twice a year:

  • Before summer and
  • Prior to covering for winter

Your reverse cycle Air con should be serviced:

  • Minimum of once per year (depending on the environment that it is used in)
After servicing
After_Service_1 After_Service_3


A regularly maintained unit will be clean and fresh with improved health benefits and give you peace of mind that you can rely on your air conditioner to run at its best.