RCDs: An Absolute Must

by admin. Posted in Commercial, Domestic, Real Estate - Property Managers

With summer and its glorious weather approaching, how many of you got out in the garden this weekend and used an electrical device? An electric hedge cutter? Electric chainsaw? Or maybe an electric lawn mower?

How many of you have cut through the supply cable to that item? Come on, don’t be shy!

If your sockets are protected by RCDs then they would most certainly have tripped – reducing your chance of an electric shock to virtually zero. If you are unsure if your sockets are RCD-protected give our team at Precise Electrical a call and we will check your switchboard for you.

RCDs are an absolute must in any home, office or factory. They not only protect people but they protect against fires also. 

When you sell your house or rent it out you as the owner are responsible for ensuring the property has compliant RCDs and hard wired smoke alarms. A fine of up to $15K can be handed out to owners of properties that are sold that do not meet the standards.

We can attend your property and carry out an inspection to ensure you comply with the regulations. We will supply you with an Electrical Safety Certificate which you can give to your settlement agent. Call one of our friendly staff on 9297 1915 to book an appointment.

If you are buying a house ask to see the Electrical Safety Certificate as proof of compliance.