The Benefits of Split System Air Cons

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Benefits Of  Split System Air Conditioners

  • Popular for its low cost to purchase, install and its low energy consumption. A split system is installed cheaper than a ducted system air conditioner as there is no duct work. A general back to back installation is completed within 3 – 4 hours and ready to use immediately.
  • Ideal solution to heat and cool smaller occupied spaces like living rooms and bedrooms. Modern wall hung split system air conditioners are stylish, compact, and blend well with home/office decor. Split systems are a flexible option, allowing you to set different temperatures for each room.
  • Heat costs for reverse cycle split system air conditioner is around $230 per year whereas a portable electric heater costs approx $825 per year.
  • Some popular air conditioning brands are Daikin, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Samsung, Mitsubishi and LG. All these brands differ in energy consumption, prices and features.Taking the time to research your options will save you a lot of money and stress later. If you don’t have the time, let us assist you today.
  • Has smart features and technological advancements like air purifiers using new filtration systems to remove toxic particles and mirco organisms (bacteria, viruses), timer settings and economical mode for sustainable energy savings.

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