It seems like only yesterday that we all moved to CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs from traditional incandescent globes as a way to cut energy costs, » read more

Fridays Electrical Fact

We like this one. It should be used more! Enough sunlight reaches the earth’s surface each minute to satisfy the world’s energy demands—for an entire » read more

Client Feedback

It’s always great to get feedback from clients. Click here to see the feedback from our clients via our Facebook Page.  

Fridays Electrical Fact!

Electricity plays a role in the way your heart beats. Muscle cells in the heart are contracted by electricity going through the heart. Electrocardiogram (ECG) machines used » read more

We are recruiting!

Precise Electrical is a family owned and run business with a great attention to detail. Safety is our number one priority along with customer satisfaction. » read more

Vacancy at Precise Electrical

We are looking for a self-motivated, outgoing person to fill an Office Supervisor/Planner role within our team. In the role you will be expected to: » read more